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Door Hanging and Fitting Services

in Cardiff and South Wales

Doors are a fantastically simple creation. They allow us to retain privacy and security within our household, but despite their simplicity they still require the occasional maintenance repair or replacement, especially if they are frequently used or simply out-of-date with your decor. Common maintenance issues with doors tend to be related to things such as the locking mechanism refusing to work, or the hinges are no longer as secure as they should be resulting in an unstable and wobbly door, or perhaps you've recently decorated your home and feel a set of new doors would really finish off the look. Some people simply want a sturdy and secure door fitted for added security purposes. Our handyman services here at RGB Construction can help you out in all of these situations, by providing a fast, efficient, affordable solution to all of your door hanging and door fitting requirements.

Some advantages of our door hanging and fitting service include:

  • We cover all of Cardiff and extended areas of South Wales;

  • All tools and equipment that is required for the job will be brought along by ourselves;

  • Any additional materials that may be required for the job can be purchased and collected by ourselves, or delivered if needs be;

  • We are an extremely friendly team and we're always attentive to your wants and needs as a customer;

  • As local builders in Cardiff and South Wales, we're able to keep prices competitively affordable!

Door installation in Cardiff
Why Choose RGB Construction for Professional Door Hanging and Door Fitting Services?

Reap the benefits of having door hanging services conducted by experienced specialists, as we perform the following:

  • Ensure that the floor is level before we proceed;

  • Carefully and accurately trim the jambs;

  • Nail the door, starting from the topmost corner;

  • Hang the door and ensure it is tightly secured into the correct place;

  • Outgoing team, full of advice and friendly chit-chat;

  • If you're in doubt throughout the process, just ask the team! We will be more than happy to listen and analyse any of your ideas and we will explain in detail why something may or may not be possible;

  • Regardless of what the task is, the result will always be exceptional quality. This is what we strive for in every job that we undertake, so making sure our services are of the highest quality across the board are of utmost importance to us.

Our professional door fitting service:

Although every door fitting can be slightly different from the last, our experts will typically follow this procedure:

  • We will begin by unhinging the current worn out door;

  • We will then take a precise measurement of the new replacement;

  • We will plane and constantly measure the new door until we are happy that it fits perfectly into the door frame;

  • We will use the appropriate drills and other required equipment to install the door hinges, fit the handles and anything else that may be needed.

Our door hanging and door fitting services cover Cardiff and all of South Wales

We are local builders and construction experts with a desire to maintain a flexbile approach, meaning we are happy to work with you to arrange a time that is most convenient for you. We have a fantastic reputation, meaning we do occasionally find ourselves with a healthy build up of work, but regardless of this we will still do all that we can to ensure we get the job done for you at a time that is most suitable. We have an extremely knowledgeable and friendly team, so just get in touch and we can discuss our services and current state of flexibility. We operate right across the city of Cardiff and surrounding areas of South Wales.

Qualified and highly experienced local builders and handyman services

Our team has a plethora of knowledge and experience in all manners of building and construction, and door carpentry is no different. All of our carpentry work is performed in full compliance with all required British Standards and fire regulations. We are quick and efficient experts ready to conduct all manner of door carpentry services.

We work with a range of materials

We are able to work with a wide range of doors covering many different types, such as standard wooden doors, folding and sliding doors or glass doors. If you happen to have a door that is too long to hang correctly, our knowledgeable carpentry experts will accurately trim the edges of the door until it perfectly fits into the door frame. We will also save you a trip to your local DIY store by providing all necessary bits and pieces, such as additional screws and bolts to ensure the job gets done.

Our specialist handymen are able to install a variety of different doors

Our experienced door fitting experts are able to fit all types of doors, including UPVC, bi fold, oak doors, patio doors, glazed and interior French doors and so much more. If in doubt, just get in touch with us and we'll be happy to confirm if it's a door we can work with.​

If you're interested in our door hanging our door fitting services, or would like to enquire about any of the other handyman services or building projects that we're able to undertake, then please contact us today so that we can discuss your requirements. You can call us on 07946452571, e-mail us at or fill in our convenient online contact form and a member of the team will be in touch with you as soon as possible.

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