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Garden dreams realised
as outdoor serenity awaits
in your personal oasis.

Garden Rooms Cardiff & South Wales

We undertake garden room projects across Cardiff & surrounding areas of South Wales

A garden room will provide versatile extra space.

 Garden rooms add worthwhile value to a home. (Halifax)

Our expertise will ensure your garden room meets every need and is of the very highest quality.

Garden room in Cardiff
House with a Backyard

A garden room can be utilised in a variety of ways:

  • Garden Office

  • Summerhouse

  • Studio or Workshop

  • Guest Room

  • Gym or Fitness Studio

  • Playroom

  • Home Theatre

  • Greenhouse or Gardening Room

  • Yoga or Meditation Studio

  • Outdoor Kitchen or Dining Room

Choose from a range of building materials

With a range of building materials to choose from, it's easy to create the garden room of your dreams 

Brick Wall


Cut Wood


Image by Christian Ladewig


Dark Concrete Wall

Block & Render

Choosing to build a garden room can achieve many things...

Here are several ways a garden room can positively impact your life:

Expand your living space affordably, avoiding the need for a larger, costlier home.

Customise your garden room's layout to match your unique desires and needs with full control.

Turn your garden room into the kitchen diner, lounge, home gym, or office space of your dreams.

Create a secure and inviting garden play space for endless fun and imaginative adventures.

Create a modern garden annex for family & friends, offering comfortable living or visiting space.

Take pride in your home, and make the most of it when hosting your visiting friends and family.

Carpentry work making garden room in Cardiff
Vintage garden room in Cardiff
Interior of garden room in Cardiff
Outside a garden room in Cardiff
Beautiful interior of wooden garden room in Cardiff
Lounge area outside garden room

Simplicity in creating outdoor space.


Free quotation. Expert advice. Total piece of mind.

Why Choose Us For Your Garden Room?

We exceed expectations by delivering both exceptional experiences and top-notch results. With a rich portfolio of completed garden room projects, our extensive experience, honed through unique builds, informs our approach to each new project.

We keep you well-informed about your garden room's progress, collaborating closely with you throughout the journey. Our skilled team is readily available to address any questions or explore your ideas.

We value your input and share our own ideas to transform your plans and drawings into reality, all while ensuring strict compliance with building regulations for your garden room.

We employ highly skilled tradesmen who provide all necessary documentation, including Gas Safe and NIC certificates.

With extensive expertise in the structural aspects of various property types, including period and modern homes, we excel in designing garden rooms that maximise natural light, spaciousness, and functionality while seamlessly complementing your property.

We stand by our garden room projects even after completion, providing you with peace of mind that our structures are built to endure, backed by our guarantee.

Are you ready to discuss your garden room project?

Contact us today with details of your requirements to book your free no obligation quotation.

Garden Room Enquiry

Garden Room FAQs

Garden Room FAQs

What can I expect from your garden rooms?

Our garden rooms are designed to provide you with a seamless solution for enhancing your outdoor living space.

We offer a comprehensive service, handling everything from initial design to the finished product. Our team takes care of the planning, design, and construction of your garden room, tailored to your specific needs.


We're committed to delivering a high-quality, regulation-compliant garden room while providing expert guidance throughout the project. We keep you informed about the progress, ensuring a stress-free building experience.

Can all properties have a garden room?

Most properties can accommodate a garden room, though it depends on available outdoor space. Factors like garden or side space, location, and local regulations matter. Outdoor space is a key consideration due to varying building regulations.

Our site surveyor, in initial discussions, will assess your property's potential for garden room projects, outlining available options and possibilities.

How much does a garden room cost?

As each garden room project is unique, providing a precise cost estimate can be challenging. Factors like size, materials, specifications, and any potential challenges must be considered.

Fortunately, we provide a complimentary, no-obligation on-site assessment. During this visit, we'll discuss your project in detail, allowing us to provide you with an accurate and tailored cost estimate.

What different types of garden rooms are there?

There's a diverse range of garden room options to choose from, and the best fit for your property depends on its type and available space.

During our initial discussions at your property, we'll delve deeper into these garden room types, discussing their respective benefits and drawbacks. Some of the most sought-after garden room types include:


  • Single-story garden rooms (side or rear)

  • Multi-story garden rooms

  • Garden room extensions for garages or kitchens

  • Standalone outbuildings, conservatories, porches, and orangeries


Garden rooms are also a popular choice, often complementing conversion projects, such as garage or basement conversions, to expand existing spaces.

Do I need planning permission to build a garden room?

In many cases, constructing a garden room falls under permitted development rules, often requiring no planning permission. However, compliance with local building regulations remains crucial.

Although planning permission may not be necessary, it's important to submit plans, conduct structural assessments, and obtain approval from local building control.

Exceptions include listed buildings, properties in conservation areas, and areas with restricted permitted development rights. In such cases, council planning permission is required before proceeding with a garden room project.


Do I need permission from my neighbours?

If your property has a party wall shared with a neighbour, you are required to notify your neighbours about your garden room construction plans. While you don't need their permission, you must inform them. If they raise concerns about your proposed construction, you may need to engage a party wall surveyor.


In such cases, the party wall surveyor would send party wall notices on your behalf and arrange an inspection of the shared wall. They would document the condition with photographs and issue a party wall award outlining the approved construction works. It's important to note that this process is distinct from seeking planning permission and typically does not involve the possibility of refusal. It primarily ensures that the extension does not negatively impact the shared party wall.

Do you only build garden rooms in Cardiff?

We specialise in garden room installations of various sizes and designs, serving customers in Cardiff and the surrounding areas of South Wales.


Do you have the relevant accreditation?

Certainly, RGB Construction is affiliated with the Federation of Master Builders (FMB) and therefore proudly offer complete peace of mind.


Will my garden room come with a guarantee?

Absolutely, like all our finished building projects, your garden room will be covered by a complete guarantee.

What can I expect from your garden rooms?
Can all properties have a garden room?
How much does a garden room cost?
What different types of garden rooms are there?
Do I need planning permission to build a garden room?
Do I need permission from my neighbours?
Do you only build garden rooms in Cardiff?
Do you have the relevant accreditation?
Will my garden room come with a guarantee?

We cover Cardiff and surrounding areas of South Wales.

If you're looking for a team of expert builders in Cardiff to design and build your dream garden room, then don't hesitate to get in touch with us today.

A map of the area in Cardiff and South Wales that RGB Construction undertake building services

As well as building high quality garden rooms, we also enjoy writing about all things home improvement.

Our articles page is where we keep our latest news, tips and related building information.

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