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Build the bathroom of your dreams

Stunning bathroom installation in Cardiff

We all have that one vital room (OK, maybe 2 or 3 vital rooms for some of us), but for many, the bathroom truly is the most important room in the house. For some, it's the kitchen. For others, the bedroom or the living room. But, where is the majority of totally private relaxation taking place in the household? It's more than likely going to be the bathroom. The majority of builders in South Wales will tell you that if a family are looking to get a building company on-board to design, craft and create a specific room, it's probably going to be for a kitchen installation or bathroom fitting.

Many of you will appreciate making use of a bathtub, while others prefer the practicality and ease of a shower. In either case, we're leaving the bathroom revitalised, re-energised and, hopefully, as clean and fresh as a whistle. Is this why so many consider the bathroom to be such an important part of the house? Well, there’s more to the bathroom than we might give it credit for. The bathroom, quite frankly, is likely to be the room in the house that we take most for granted. Just think about it. What happens in the bathroom besides the unmentionable? We're mentioned it enough - relaxation. That's what!

If the bathroom is most important to you, here are 4 things to think about when building or designing the bathroom of your dreams:

Practical bathroom layouts

As you enter your very own bathroom design or bathroom redesign project, have a good think about who is going to be using the space and how it's going to be utilised before you make a start on any design ideas. It cannot be stressed enough that bathroom planning is key. In fact, planning is key in all building and construction projects, period!

If the bathroom is not going to be used by any children (assuming you don't have any - no need for you to make them succumb to a tub in the garden in this day and age, surely?), then a bath may not be necessary. Perhaps a large shower area would be more beneficial to your needs? Larger sinks, or in some cases, double sinks are becoming increasingly popular and it's often possible to easily design them into the plans with some clever thinking. Ask you builder about the possibilities before going ahead with designs, as you may be pleasantly surprised with the options available to you. There are many practicalities to consider when creating that dream space.

Handy storage

Nobody wants to see collections of half empty shampoo bottles and bathroom paraphernalia cluttering up your bathroom surfaces, so make this a thing of the past in your new dream bathroom. Clever bathroom designers will always consider what sort of storage would be most useful and where it can be positioned. You may have alcoves that could prove beneficial for storage, areas behind doors or space on the wall for cabinets. How is it looking underneath the sink? Every bathroom has its similarities, but the majority also has its little differences, and storage is often one of those differences. The best bathrooms will utilise the best storage options, so be sure to put some thought into it early on in the planning stage.

Picture perfect zoning

If you're on Instagram or Pinterest, you've probably seen what we're about to mention before. Picture perfect bathrooms that are heavily patterned. This has also been made popular by many recent interior design magazines, it should be added, so it's very en vogue. These patterned areas are fantastic when highlighting a specific area of the bathroom. It's a great technique to really make a powerful impact and create the wow-factor, and is a technique that is also often used in other rooms around the house. Just make sure it's done tastefully and in character with the rest of your bathroom, unless you really do want something that's different and eye-popping. You could also consider highlighting floor areas, such as around a freestanding bath or by positioning a tiled rug in the centre of the room. Bold graphics are definitely in right now, so don't be scared to select a pattern that you really like, regardless of how busy it is.

Lighting factors

Many people forget about the lighting aspects in a bathroom, but it really shouldn't be an afterthought. It creates the ambience in a room, and for a room with such relaxation on offer, it's super important! You will probably want to consider bright overheads in a family bathroom, mostly for safety purposes - you'll want to make sure you can see where you're putting your feet and keep any slippery risks to a minimum. However, during relaxation time, think about dimmable wall lighting or directional LED lights above mirrors for a safe shaving experience or perfectly plucked eyebrows. A good tip is to look at soft industrial lighting or traditional outdoor external lighting, which is IP rated but a little cooler than many of the specific bathroom lighting options that are on the market.

We're RGB Construction, and we get involved with all aspects of building and construction work throughout Cardiff and South Wales. So, if you have a project that is in need of a dedicated team of knowledgeable, local builders, then don't hesitate to get in touch with us today. We're eager to hear all about the project and discuss how we can help! You can reach out to us by calling 07946452571, e-mailing or filling in our convenient online contact form.

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