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Quality Builders vs. Budget Builders

Architect plans for a building project at a house in Cardiff

At RGB Construction, we always stress the importance of choosing quality builders over budget builders. That's not to say your personal spending budget isn't an important factor, because in these days of credit crunches and fierce competition, customers and businesses alike need to consider the finances, and as a customer you need to be sure you're aware of how much value for money is being offered. Regardless of the industry, if a business isn't offering a fair price for the quality of work they are delivering, then they are likely to see business dwindle.

When we say that we stress quality over budget, we mean that we urge you to ensure that you're getting the best quality to ensure safety among all else. Yes, the quality of the finished project is of great importance, but a dodgy builder that's experienced in being exactly that - dodgy - can cover the secrets to their botched building work with something that might look aesthetically pleasing, but actually has a lot of nasty secrets to the trained eye.

Quality and safety is a must

Having something built that is physically pleasing while also remaining structurally sound has to be the ultimate goal. If your budget can't stretch to the point that this safety to your home renovation project is virtually guaranteed, then you're undercutting and running risks by potentially choosing budget builders that may not have the expertise and experience required to deliver the best standards.

The solution? Either change tactic and look to save on costs in a safer manner elsewhere, or continue saving and undergo the project in the future.

The cost of quality local builders

Don't sacrifice building and construction work of high quality and safety just because a low quote sounds better for your pocket. It'll inevitably cost you more money in the long run, because at some point in the future you're probably going to pay out again to rectify the problems that have arisen.

When it comes to knowing how much you need to pay to ensure you contract a reliable local building company, many things need to be considered. Your location, size of building project, materials used among others will ultimately dictate the costs a builder charges you. As a customer, it's important you research and find quality local builders by doing your due diligence beforehand. Foregoing the best quality builders because a cheap deal saves you money is never likely to be a good idea.

Many builders will offer reasonable rates, but any building company that are promising the lowest rates, or quotes that are far cheaper in comparison to other local builders in your area says that something isn't quite right. Choosing budget builders means you're probably going to end up with a company that offers poor workmanship and low quality building materials. Your home is important to you and your family, and finding reliable builders in Cardiff and South Wales that offers the quality you and your property deserve is easy in this day and age with the information that's available online.

How to be sure you're contracting quality builders

When it comes to building projects the proof is always in the pudding. In this case, it's the finished project in all of its structurally sound glory. Seeing this work up close in person will always trump any other form of research you can do on a building company, but there are still a few things you can look out for away from actual bricks and mortar.

Testimonials and online reviews are usually available in this modern world, giving you the chance to scout out the best quality builders with an online presence in your area.

While choosing a local building firm to carry out your property development project there are a number of characteristics that you can look out for while researching the company, or better yet by speaking to them directly.

These include the following:

  • Reliability

  • High standard of finish

  • Realistic rates

  • Experience with completing a similar building project

  • High level of communication

  • High level of project design and management skills

Always ask the builder you're researching to supply client references. If they are a reputable company then they are likely to have a website. It's worth noting that having a website doesn't instantly make them reliable and reputable - but a good website will at least provide a source of reference to previous work, as well as provide some information about the company itself and a bit about its background.

For a more thorough breakdown of the things you should be looking for, be sure to check out the blog post we wrote back in January that was entirely dedicated to helping you choose a reputable local builder in Cardiff.

The bottom line is that you should never take risks by employing builders that offer cheap budget deals. This will be reflected in cheap budget professionalism, cheap budget quality and cheap budget safety.

What customer service will quality builders offer?

Below is a list of some of the customer service traits that you should expect to receive from a quality building and construction firm.

It's often easy to spot budget builders by comparing their customer service against this list, because the chances are they won't meet too many of them!

  • Quality builders will work to a realistic budget

  • Quality builders will work within a realistic time-frame

  • Quality builders will turn up when they say they will

  • Quality builders will be prepared to answer any question you have with transparency

  • Any necessary approvals and inspections will be handled by the builders

  • A number of initial meetings can be set up to ensure customer requirements are fully understood

Choosing a reputable and experienced building and construction team, such as the one we have developed here at RGB Construction, will ensure you are contracting a company who offer safety, quality workmanship, quality materials and a desire to deliver the best results possible in all areas of the project. It's important to collect a few quotes, but it's also important to consider the quality and safety of the finished result.

If you're looking to hire quality builders in Cardiff or South Wales to conduct a property development project, then be sure to get in touch with us today. Feel free to browse our building services or gallery of completed projects. You can call us on 07946452571 for a chat about the building project and to get things underway.

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