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7 home improvement tips to add value

A builder drilling in Cardiff

Do you have a home in Cardiff or South Wales that you're trying to add value to?

Perhaps you're looking to improve your family home so that you can sell it for maximum value? Or, you may have a property project on the side that you're looking to renovate and make a quick sale from? You could even be a landlord looking to make some rental property improvements, so that you can maximise the rental income potential and attract tenants easier.

Even if you're not looking to sell the property, making worthwhile home improvements will still make you feel far more happier and safer while living there.

No matter what the situation, undergoing home improvements to add value to a property usually makes a lot of sense, but it can often be a lot easier said than done. Allocating bundles of cash to various property renovation projects is easy to do if you're fortunate enough to have access to surplus funds, but no matter what size budget you're working with, it's still important to improve the right areas of your home. If you don't, then the return on your investment may not be quite as healthy as you had expected.

So, what exactly are the most valuable home improvements that you can consider when hoping to ensure the best return on investment? Well, every property is different, and each unique home will be able to benefit from a different variety of home improvements, meaning we can't pinpoint exactly which improvements you personally should consider making.

However, what we can do here at RGB Construction is provide you with 7 of the most popular home improvements that homeowners and property sellers undertake. These are property improvement projects that we are often involved with across Cardiff and South Wales, as we help homeowners and property developers alike improve the house and add significant value in the process.

Fix any structural defects

If you have structural defects within the property that needs repairing then it can prove to be one of the most costly renovation projects you undertake. Despite this, if you want to seriously increase the value of your property then it's absolutely crucial that you address them with reputable builders.

Property sellers often neglect the importance of repairing structural defects around the house because of the high costs that are usually attached, instead focusing on cheaper quick fixes such as painting and decorating. We'd urge you to not make this mistake, and instead go back to the basics by ensuring the structure of the house is fully in order beforehand.

Check that the roof of the property is functioning correctly and that the guttering is all as it should be, then assess the walls, ceilings, floors and plumbing. Look for signs of cracking or damp spots around the house. Hiring the services of a trusted local builder or surveyor to get an experienced opinion may definitely be worth doing if you're not sure what structural state your property is in.

Add a loft conversion

Another very costly but highly recommended home improvement would be a loft conversion. Loft conversions are considered one of the most valuable projects a homeowner can undertake, because it can create a vast amount of extra space, adding serious value and appeal to your property when built professionally. Extending into the available attic space is the easiest way to add an extra bathroom or bedroom to your house, but it is very important you choose trusted professional builders to carry out a conversion project like this.

It's still a very worthwhile investment, as recent studies by companies such as Nationwide Building Society have revealed that a loft conversion will add up to 21% on average to the value of the property. As an alternative, you could consider an extension downstairs, such as a basement or kitchen extension. This would also add extra space and value to your property in a similar way. If you're extra brave, you could even consider building both!

A loft conversion with beds and an ensuite shower and toilet in a property in Cardiff, South Wales

Kitchen or bathroom renovation

Kitchens and bathrooms alike have become real focus points of the house over the years, for different reasons. The kitchen is often the heartbeat of the house, while the bathroom is usually the tranquil sanctuary we enter to escape from the world. For these reasons, home buyers put a lot of emphasis on judging the kitchen and bathrooms on offer in a potential home.

If there is a room you want to prioritise for renovation, then you should really turn to a new and improved kitchen installation or bathroom installation. New units, surfaces, appliances and decoration will improve both the physical appearance of the rooms, as well as add value and help peak interest. On average, a new kitchen project will typically add around 5% to the value of the property, so though it's a fairly significant increase, it does mean you still have to be somewhat mindful of the budget.

You just need to be sure that the amount you spend on the renovation is relative to the value of the property, so that the investment is definitely deemed worthwhile.

Add to the garden

If a buyer is looking to buy a house, then the chances are they will want to take a good look at the garden to check it's in line with what they hope and expect from a garden. Of course, expectations can differ from buyer to buyer, as some will be looking for a sprawling lawn with all of the trimmings, whereas others may be hoping for a garden that offers much less maintenance. If it's a family home where children are to be raised, then this adds even more importance to a buyer's decision. Other times, they just want to make sure the garden isn't an overgrown forest that requires a lot of work to sort it out.

This is why it's important to landscape your outdoor areas so that they are well presented, and this can be easily achieved by planting and pruning the garden, cutting back hedges etc. to make it look as appealing as possible. If you have the space, then adding a decked wooden area or paved patio can be really appealing to many people. If you can spark that appeal, then you're more likely to receive higher offers for your property, so a little attention to detail in the garden can prove a simple way to add value to the home.

A patio in a garden in Cardiff

Add extra lighting

Adding extra lighting, or creating ways for more natural light to access certain rooms in the house will allow your property to feel far more airy, warm and welcoming. There is nothing more depressing when scouting potential properties than coming across a dark and dingy living space. This is something that buyers certainly pick up on, so focusing on improving the light that accesses your darkest, dingiest rooms should prove a sound investment.

Both natural and electric lighting will easily enhance the appeal of a room. If it's difficult to add windows or doors to the room due to the size or location of it, then you could consider increasing the wattage of your bulbs to allow for brighter spaces, or adding a dimmer switch so that it's possible to take control of the mood and ambience. If you're not so limited by the space or location of the room, then skylights and sun tubes can be a fantastic way to funnel in natural light.

Put some focus on windows

If your windows could do with an upgrade, then this is a great way to improve the appearance of your property both inside and outside. They will add value and help to make the house far more appealing to potential buyers. Any windows that you do install should match the style of the house, and this usually means a choice between modern window designs or a more traditional feel. Choosing the right design will improve the exterior aesthetics of the property and add the value you're hoping for as you're far more likely to achieve a higher offer from buyers if they are visually attracted to the home, knowing it requires less work.

Inspect the flooring

If you're guilty of neglecting the floor, and instead choose to get every ounce of life out of your old, worn carpet or chipped and scratched wooden flooring, then you're not alone. You'd be surprised at just how much a new floor can enhance the appearance of a living space. If you're looking for something that increases the visual appeal of the floor, but without breaking the bank, then a few great choices include modern laminate, solid wood, or engineered hardwood flooring.

If you shop around then you should be able to find yourself a bargain, as it's a very competitive industry - which just goes to show that replacing the flooring in a property is a very popular home improvement.

Here at RGB Construction, we aim to be your trusted local builders of choice, and we undertake all aspects of building and construction work, offering our experience and expertise to home owners and property developers alike across Cardiff and surrounding areas of South Wales. So, if you're interested in making the most of any of these home improvement tips, then don't hesitate to get in touch with us today for a FREE quotation and discussion about the work.

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