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5 tips to increase the asking price

A female builder smiling on site in Cardiff

Will you be looking to maximise the value of your property when the time comes to sell?

If so, below we've listed 5 home improvement tips that will help you realise the full potential of its selling value by allowing you to raise that asking price.

Many homeowners mull over whether renovating the property is a good idea or not, particularly when they are considering selling. Some consider it an unnecessary expense with more headaches than it's worth - especially because preparing for a move can be stressful enough as it is. However, if you have the funds and the time, then when the home renovation is completed properly by a reputable building company, it sure can add significant value to the house.

If you're interested in increasing the value of your house to ensure you maximise its value, then you'll be keen to read on and discover more about the things you could do in terms of home improvement and property renovation.

Here are the 5 home improvement tips we highly recommend you consider:

1. Attic conversion

Potential increase in home value: up to 15%

Regularly cited as one of the greatest ways to add significant value to your property is the... wait for it... *drum roll*... the good old attic conversion - or loft conversion, depending on which phrase you happen to prefer. Whether an attic conversion (or was it loft conversion?) is a viable option for you and your home will depend on your existing roof, but if it does happen to be a viable option - and for most houses, it is - then it really is a brilliant way to increase both the square footage available as well as the resale value of your house. Conversions, no matter where they take place, always prove to be a fantastic way to attract home buyers.

2. Extend the kitchen with a side-return extension

Potential increase in home value: 15%

A kitchen is a very important part of the house. If you're selling a family home, then it's likely the kitchen will be high on the agenda and picked apart in quite a lot of detail by any prospective buyers. The size, the quality of worktops and cupboards, the overall style. These are all things that home buyers will want to ensure matches their criteria by ticking them off their home buying list. A side-return extension is typically a kitchen renovation project that is undertaken on semi-detached or terraced houses. A narrow alley is built adjacent to the kitchen, creating extra versatile space that can really transform a small or medium sized kitchen. They are a very cost-effective way of creating space and adding extra value, without having to use up too much of your valuable garden space.

A narrow kitchen can be transformed into a large open-plan dining/living room, and if properties along your street are built similarly to yours, then this sort of renovation to an important part of the home can really help you stand out among the others. Home buyers will notice these differences, and more often than not they will be willing to pay that little extra for a larger kitchen that offers extra space.

3. Build a conservatory to merge the indoors with the outdoors

Potential increase in home value: up to 10%

Many potential home buyers are seeking as much versatile space as possible, especially in a family home. A conservatory is something that can be greatly appreciated during the summer months, and if you have the space available to lead the house out into a well kept garden, this would be the perfect sort of home improvement project to undertake. It's important to consider the style of your property, as whether it's modern or traditional should dictate the type of conservatory you opt for. The last thing you want is a completely random addition that doesn't complement the flow or aesthetic appeal of your unique property.

4. Bathroom re-design

Potential increase in home value: up to 5%

The potential increase may not be quite so attractive as the other home improvement options, but the good news about re-designing and fitting a bathroom is the costs are typically a great deal lower, and the work can be quickly undertaken and completed. Furthermore, a bathroom is often viewed as one of the most important rooms in a home along with the kitchen (which would also benefit from a re-design if it's old and dated), so it's a good pick when it comes to selecting an affordable home improvement. As the increase in value can be somewhat moderate, it's vital that you look at the figures carefully as it can be easy to overspend. With that warning out of the way, as long as you budget sensibly and have the work conducted by professionals, you'll be sure to see a healthy enough return on investment.

5. Create an open-plan living space

Potential increase in home value: up to 5%

Open-plan living rooms have become increasingly popular over the last decade. In the right sort of home, this sort of building project can help breathe fresh impetus into the property and will have real appeal for families of the modern millennial generation. Contemporary, spacious and ultra clean is the usual order of the day for a modern family, and if you can offer this from your home then you're definitely going to be able to maximise the asking price. Open-plan living rooms as well as things such as an open-plan kitchen/diners are the type of projects that could be considered, you just have to decide what your property is most able to accommodate.

If any of these value-increasing home improvement projects have taken your fancy, why not contact RGB Construction today for a discussion and to arrange a free quote? We serve Cardiff and surrounding areas of South Wales, and we'd love to get involved with a project that will help you increase the asking price you're able to demand for your home. You can call us today on 07946452571, pop an e-mail over to or fill in our simple online contact form.

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