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Convert your garage into a home office

The current Covid-19 situation saw the UK government's chief advisers urge people to work from home when possible, and although restrictions are slowly easing with more people cautiously returning to work there is the highest percentage of workers the UK has ever recorded still working from home - many of whom have experienced doing so for the very first time.

Home office at a property in Cardiff

Converting a garage into a home office can provide a dedicated workspace that helps ensure you avoid distraction, remain focused and consistently deliver your best work.

This influx of new home workers has resulted in many builders across the nation experience a rise in the number of enquiries related to home conversions - namely converting a garage into a home office. Many properties may have a garage that isn't used to its full potential, or the property may have ample space for a side or rear extension - all of which can be converted or custom built into a space that can be utilised as a home office.

Below we've highlighted a few reasons you may want to consider converting your garage into a home office - perhaps providing benefit not only through this Coronavirus pandemic, but for many years to come...

You're working from home but find it difficult to concentrate

Even those of you who have been working from home for a number of years may find that at times you're easily distracted or find it difficult to consistently perform your job to the best of your ability. You may have an office space set up in a spare bedroom or in the corner of the living room, but this might be far too small and impractical to really ensure you're able to put your complete focus on the job at hand. Fulfilling corporate routines at home isn't easy at the best of times, not to mention how unprofessional it can look if you have to involve yourself in regular Skype calls or video meetings, either with clients or management teams. You could also have family or animals to contend with as they constantly enter your workspace, even if they have no way to avoid doing so!

No wonder a workspace that's off-limits to the rest of the family is listed as a top tip for working from home on

Man working in home office at a property in Cardiff

You're looking to save on travel costs or time

Many workers may be employed with a company who have offices that are quite a distance from the family home, meaning fuel costs and/or the amount of built-up hours spent traveling to and from work can have a real negative impact on finances or available free time. Many people already face a strain on finances due to a variety of other factors that we face in every day life, so being able to drastically cut down on fuel costs by working from home could make a huge difference. Converting a garage into a home office, or having an extension added to the property to accommodate a new home office would of course mean an initial financial outlay, but over the course of many years this would very likely pay for itself - not to mention the value it's likely to add onto your property.

Planning permission isn't usually required to convert a garage

We've mentioned building an extension to add a home office to your property, but while it's certainly a fantastic choice as it allows you to truly create a bespoke home office design exactly as you like it, planning permission is likely to be required in these cases. However, by choosing to instead convert a garage into a home office it's unlikely planning permission will be required. This is because planning permission generally doesn't need to be applied for if the conversion work carried out remains internal and if there is no need to extend the size of the garage. With that said, always research the current rules that apply to your location beforehand.

A home office in Cardiff with many house plants

Converting a garage is typically cost and time effective

A garage conversion can be a very cost effective way to utilise an existing space in a much better manner, making it ideal for those who may view the financial outlay required to build a new extension as too much of a stretch or difficult to entirely justify. With a garage conversion, the structural set up of your new office is already in place, meaning work just needs to take place to help improve that structure and provide you with everything your home office needs to be safe and comfortable. The fact a lot less work is required to convert a garage means there will also be a lot less time required onsite, so you may be pleasantly surprised at just how quick the turnaround can be if you contract reputable builders with the relevant conversion experience.

Of course, it's not just people who are working from home for the very first time that can benefit from a dedicated home office. There are also seasoned freelancers and people who have regularly worked from home for a number of years who may also see great value in converting an under-used garage or room into a fresh and vibrant working space.

We can help you convert your garage into a home office

Are you someone who works from home and believe you can benefit from your own dedicated home office space? If so, contact your local Cardiff builders RGB Construction so we can discuss your garage conversion or home extension project in more detail. We offer a wide range of home building and construction services to properties across Cardiff and South Wales, so call today on 07946 452571, e-mail or fill in our simple online contact form and we'll get back in touch with you.


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