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Garage Conversions Cardiff & South Wales

We strive to build your garage conversion to the highest standard and within an acceptable timescale.

Professional and bespoke garage conversions.

There are endless possibilities as we convert your space into a room that serves your requirements.

We're your professional local builders in Cardiff, here to help bring your property dreams and ideas to reality.

We conduct garage conversions and other home conversions in Cardiff and surrounding areas of South Wales on a regular basis, therefore our team of specialist builders and tradesmen are some of the most experienced available in this location.

100% bespoke design and planning

Our garage conversion projects are designed to meet your specific needs. We use our expertise and vision to help bring your ideas to life, and will ensure that you get the very best from your new converted space.

Specialist modifications

Many specialist modifications are available, allowing us to convert your garage into a room that caters to your every need.


These modification options include:

  • Integrated heating

  • Professionally fitted rooms

  • Sound proofing

  • Pre-wired speaker systems

  • Custom made storage solutions

         .....and much more.​

Full project management

Attention to detail is key to ensure each conversion we undertake meets our high standards. For this reason, our team of expert builders each play their part in the management of the project so that everything is exactly as it should be.

Convert Your Space

The options available for your garage conversion are endless. Only your imagination is the limit.

Convert your garage into a useable space, such as a...

  • Home Office

  • Entertainment Room

  • Granny Annex

  • Home Gym

  • Play Room

  • Home Cinema

  • Study Room

  • Kitchen Diner Room

  • Additional Guest Room

A garage conversion on a property in Cardiff
A garage conversion on a property in Cardiff
A garage conversion on a property in Cardiff
A garage conversion on a property in Cardiff

Benefits of Converting Your Garage

The main benefit of undertaking a garage conversion is the creation of a space that can be utilised as you see fit.

Many growing families tend to view a garage conversion as the best viable option due to the fact it's far more cost-effective than buying a larger family home, or because they simply don't want to leave their current home despite feeling they have outgrown it. 

The choices are endless with a garage conversion, and it all comes down to what you need to use the space for.

The most popular choices include extending the kitchen area into a large open plan kitchen diner, creating a home office, adding a new entertainment or games room, and creating an entire new liveable space such as a bedroom with ensuite or entire granny annex with its own mod cons.


The benefits of a garage conversion aren't just practical, as there is also the potential for plenty of financial gain.


Any type of property conversion is likely to add significant value when constructed to a high standard by a reputable building company, and they are always appreciated by home buyers - particularly within a family home.

Are you ready to discuss your garage conversion project?

Contact us today with details of your requirements to book your free no obligation quotation.

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Garage Conversion Enquiry

Garage Conversion FAQs

Garage Conversion FAQs
What can I expect from your design and build garage conversions?

What can I expect from your design and build garage conversions?

Our design and build garage conversions include everything required to ensure your new garage conversion project is bespoke and built to the highest quality from start to finish. Our team will plan, design and build your new garage conversion to your exact requirements. We will offer our expertise throughout, promise to keep you updated and do all that we can to make sure the conversion is as stress-free as possible for you.

How long does it take to complete a garage conversion?

The amount of time needed to complete a garage conversion is highly dependent on several things, but a relatively small and simple garage conversion can reach completion within just a week or so. Larger or more complicated garage conversions may run into a few weeks, or in special cases even longer. As a general rule of thumb, most standard garage conversions reach completion within two weeks.

How much does a garage conversion cost?

There are many things to consider when we work out the cost of a garage conversion, and with each project potentially differing massively from the next, it's impossible to provide an average ballpark figure for a garage conversion.


Fortunately, we do offer a free quotation, so feel free to get in touch with us so that we can discuss your garage conversion needs in more detail and provide you with an accurate quote.

Why should I convert my garage?

Most people choose to convert their garage because they need the extra space, or because they have a specific room in mind that they'd like to add to the property (gym, guest room, cinema room, work or office space etc.)


Some even choose to shuffle rooms around, by converting a garage into a kitchen and then the original kitchen into a more spacious living room, for example.


Not only can a garage add significant space to your property, it can also add value. The majority of driveways are now used to store cars, meaning the need for a garage is decreasing every day. Transforming your garage into a usable room can be beneficial for the entire family, as well as your pocket when it comes to selling further down the line.


Do I need planning permission to convert my garage?

In most cases, planning permission is not required to convert your garage, providing the work is internal and doesn't involve making the property bigger.


In some rare cases permitted development rights may have been removed, and this could prevent a garage from being legally converted without obtaining planning permission. For this reason, it is always worth double checking, and we will do this for you.


If the property is a listed building, then listed building consent may be required.

Do you only carry out garage conversions in Cardiff?

We carry out garage conversions across Cardiff as well as the surrounding areas of South Wales.


Do you have the relevant accreditation?

Yes, RGB Construction are members of the Federation of Master Builders (FMB).


Will my garage conversion come with a guarantee?

Yes, your garage conversion will come complete with a guarantee.

How long does it usually take to complete a garage conversion?
How much does a garage conversion cost?
Why should I convert my garage?
Do I need planning permission to convert my garage?
Do you only carry out garage conversions in Cardiff?
Do you have the relevant accreditation?
Will my garage conversion come with a guarantee?

We cover Cardiff and surrounding areas of South Wales.

So don't hesitate to get in touch with us today, so that we can put our expertise to use and help design and create the perfect garage conversion for you.

A map of the area in Cardiff and South Wales that RGB Construction undertake building services

As well as building perfect loft conversions, we also enjoy writing about all things building and construction.

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