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Block paving for driveways in Cardiff

Block Paving

Block paved driveway at a home in Cardiff

Block Paving Driveways in Cardiff & South Wales

Block paving supplied & fitted by professional paving contractors.

Block paving is a popular choice for a new driveway as it makes for a durable all-weather entrance with great aesthetic appeal for the front of your home.

Paving is available in a wide range of patterns and colours, meaning there are endless options to mix and match so that a visual design can be created that meets your taste. This makes block paving an extremely versatile option that's most used to pave driveways, paths and patios, but can be used to pave an area located almost anywhere.

Here at RGB Construction we offer professional block paving services in Cardiff and South Wales, where our team build high quality driveways, paths and patios using the finest block paving materials and methods. We make the entire process simple for you, by supplying and installing your block paving in a variety of colours, shapes and finishes to match or transform any home or garden, all while incorporating new or existing walls, fencing and decking into the landscape.

Why choose block paving?

Block paving can provide your driveway or outdoor space with a unique and fresh look that's visually appealing, helping to improve both the look and welcoming atmopshere of your home.


Many homeowners choose to go with a block paving driveway, pathway or patio for many reasons, including...

  • High quality - Block paving is highly durable, which makes it a useful asset for your property as it will ensure your driveway can withstand the harsh winter weather that we often face in Britain, year after year.

  • Physically attractive - Choosing to go with block paving means you can choose from a huge variety of patterns, designs, colours and creative ideas to ensure your driveway physically looks exactly as you want it. The front of the property is the first thing visitors or passers-by see, so it's understandable why people want to ensure it's visually attractive and welcoming.

  • Popularity - A block paving finish has been one of the more favoured driveway finishes among homeowners for many years, and due to the versatility and creative license it affords it's unlikely to decrease in popularity any time soon.​​

Block paving for driveways
Block paving driveway in Cardiff
Block paved driveway at property in Cardiff
Block paving driveway in front of modern house in Cardiff
Block paving driveway outside a home in Cardiff

Choosing your block paving materials

Our vast experience of designing and building driveways for homes across Cardiff and South Wales means we're aware of which types of paving offer the best value for money, the strongest durability and the most easily maintained. 

There is an extensive range of blocks, bricks, slates and stones available so that our team can craft and create the perfect driveway for you. It's usually a good idea to assess the property and surroundings, so that you can select paving blocks that best compliment the existing environment. For example, some paving blocks may visually suit a modern garden, whereas others may be more appealing within a more traditional garden.

If you need any assistance or advice with choosing the type of block paving for your new driveway, we will be more than happy to discuss the options, along with any pros and cons to each choice.

Block paving patterns

We are able to lay block paving driveways in a variety of different patterns. The options are vast, but there is still a range of paving patterns that the majority of people choose. These are typically Herringbone, Stretcher Bond or Basketweave.

90° Herringbone

90° Herringbone block paving pattern

45° Herringbone

45° Herringbone block paving pattern

Stretcher Bond

Stretcher Bond block paving pattern


Basketweave block paving pattern

We will be able to discuss patterns and materials available to you in more detail during our initial consultation.

Hire professional block paving experts in Cardiff

We offer block paving across Cardiff & South Wales, with vast experience in the building trade.


Our professional landscaping and paving services are offered to home owners, landlords and developers alike. 


Our team of highly skilled block paving experts are ready to work on your project, so get in touch to arrange a free no obligation quotation.

Man with arm around woman as they look up at a house in Cardiff

Are you ready to discuss your block paving driveway?

Contact us today with details of your requirements to book your free no obligation quotation.

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Block Paving Driveway Enquiry

Block Paving Driveway FAQs

Block Paving FAQs

Is block paving permeable?

Yes, block paving is permeable and adheres to legislation that was introduced by the UK government in 2008, whereby all household driveways over five square meters must use a permeable or porous surface in order to avoid obtaining planning permission.



Do I need planning permission to have a block paving driveway?

Planning permission will not be required for your block paving driveway provided the new or replacement driveway uses permeable (porous) surfacing, which allows rainwater to either drain through the surface or directs it onto a lawn or border to drain naturally.


Examples of permeable surfaces are concrete block paving, gravel and tarmac.

What sort of block paving patterns and designs are there?


There are many block paving patterns and designs available, such as the popular Herringbone, Stretcher Bond and Basketweave styles. Our team are able to either put a creative design together with your approval, take your ideas on board, or work towards any examples that you may want to show us beforehand.


How long before you can park on a block paving driveway?

In most cases concrete will be needed, and in this case you'll have to wait until the concrete has set. This will mean waiting between 36-72 hours before driving or parking on it, and waiting 3-4 hours before walking on it. If no concrete is needed, then you'll be fine to start using the driveway immediately.


How long does it take to install a block paving driveway?

As each driveway differs in size and design it is difficult to say, but on average most block paving driveways take between 5-7 working days to install. We should be able to provide you with an accurate timescale during the consultation.


Can you lay block paving over tarmac?

If an existing tarmac or concrete base is in sound condition, free from cracks and not breaking up or spalling then yes, it is possible to lay block paving over tarmac.

What is the best block paving on a budget?

We can lay a wide range of block paving that will suit any budget. If you let us know your budget beforehand, then we can discuss options that meet or fall under that budget, providing you with an opportunity to choose block paving that meets your cost expectations.

What should I do if any of the blocks come loose or starts to sag?

If RGB Construction was the company that laid your block paving driveway or patio and you notice these problems not long after installation, then contact us immediately. We will assess the issue and fix any blocks that have come loose or started to sag by removing them and replacing the base layer before re-applying them securely.

Do you only lay block paving driveways in Cardiff?

We offer all of our services including block paving driveway installation to all properties across Cardiff and surrounding areas of South Wales.


Do you have the relevant accreditation?

Yes, RGB Construction are members of the Federation of Master Builders (FMB).


Will my block paving driveway come with a guarantee?

Yes, all of our block paving driveways come with a guarantee upon completion.

Is block paving permeable?
Do I need planning permission to have a block paving driveway? ​
How long before you can park on a block paving driveway?
How long does it take to install a block paving driveway?
Can you lay block paving over tarmac?
Do you only lay block paving driveways in Cardiff?
Do you have the relevant accreditation?
Will my block paving driveway come with a guarantee?
What sort of block paving patterns and designs are there?
What is the best block paving on a budget?
What should I do if any of the blocks come loose or starts to sag?

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