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Varnishing garden decking in Cardiff


Cleaning garden decking at a property in Cardiff

Garden Decking in Cardiff & South Wales

Professional decking installation to the highest standards.

Our highly skilled team of landscaping experts can offer decking supply and installation to homes across Cardiff and surrounding areas of South Wales, allowing you to really make the most of your outdoor space.

Garden decking is a truly bespoke addition to any garden as each decked area is uniquely built to match and shape its surroundings. We appreciate that our customers seek different things from their decked area and have a personal preference for certain styles. Therefore, we like to discuss your requirements in detail so that we can help design and install garden decking that ticks every box and suits your personal taste and requirement.

With a wealth of experience covering all aspects of garden landscaping, our team of experts are ready to help you transform your garden into a space you enjoy using time and time again.

Reliable decking services you can count on

Decking installation that delivers the wow-factor to any outdoor space.

High-quality decking materials

Increase the value of your property

Installed by landscaping specialists

Additional built-in features can be designed

(lighting, pergolas, planters, seating, balustrade etc.)

Garden decking with chairds and table at property in Cardiff

Different types of decking materials

Choosing the right decking material may seem a little overwhelming due to the many different choices available these days.

To help you make that choice, let's take a look at just a few of the more popular decking material options that are out there.

Softwood Decking

Softwood decking is obtained from fast growing trees, such as pine.

These trees are quickly replaceable which means the cost of softwood decking is kept low, making it a perfect cost-effective decking material of choice for many family homes.

  • Typically the most cost-effective decking material

  • Quick and straight-forward to install

  • Easy to carry out regular maintenance 

  • Can last as long as 25 years

  • Simple to change the colour and finish any time

Softwood decking at a property in Cardiff

Hardwood Decking

Hardwood decking is obtained from slower growing trees, such as oak.

These trees are often far more rare, meaning hardwood decking is a more expensive option. However, hardwood does tend to last even longer than softwood decking, and with much less maintenance as well.

  • The most expensive, but also highest quality

  • Requires specialist installation

  • Very little maintenance required

  • Can last 50 years or more

  • The most impressive appearance according to most

Hardwood decking at a property in Cardiff

Composite Decking

Composite decking is made from a unique mix of both wood and plastic.

This modern decking material is growing in popularity due to the vast range of colours and textured finishes, water-proof capabilities, long-lasting durability and minimal maintenance that it requires.

  • Potentially expensive but highly reliable

  • Available as either decking tiles or boards

  • Unlikely to suffer with mold or algae growth

  • Very easy to maintain & capable of lasting 50+ years

  • Some options include built-in LED lights

White composite decking at a property in Cardiff

Anti-Slip Decking

Anti-Slip decking is ideal for areas prone to wet weather or to just minimise risk.

There are a range of anti-slip options available, from anti-slip decking boards to inserts that can be placed into a different decking material. They are perfect for minimising the risk of a fall, such as around hot tubs for example.

  • Available to suit a wide range of budgets

  • Safe and reliable with proven performance

  • Professional and long-lasting finish

  • Very stylish options that can add to the appearance

  • Can be worked into any chosen decking material

Anti-Slip decking at a property in Cardiff


Free quotation. Expert advice. Total piece of mind.

Woman stood on garden decking at a home in Cardiff

Your home, your outdoor space.

Benefits of Decking

  • Provides a comfortable surface that's suitable for many uses

  • Aesthetically pleasing and able to work in harmony with any property

  • Adds character and ambiance to an outdoor area at any time of day or night

  • Can conceal unsightly necessities such as drains or inspection covers

  • Can be easily modified or extended at a later date

  • Reduces the need for excavation or ground work preparation

  • Long lasting and durable with either low maintenance or easy maintenance

We cover Cardiff and surrounding areas of South Wales.

Get in touch with us today to discuss your requirements. We're keen to put our expertise to use and help design and create the perfect decking area for you.

A map of the area in Cardiff and South Wales that RGB Construction undertake building services
FMB - Federation of Master Builders Logo

We are proud members of the Federation of Master Builders, and our team of craftsmen have over 30 years of industry experience between them.

We have a wealth of experience when it comes to undertaking home improvement projects to properties within Cardiff and South Wales. From conversions, extensions and landscaping to kitchen/bathroom installation, we cover it all.

Man and woman looking fondly at house in Cardiff

Are you ready to discuss your new decking project?

Contact us today with details of your requirements to book your free no obligation quotation.

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Decking Enquiry

Decking FAQs

Decking FAQs

What wood should I use for my decking?

This is really a matter of personal preference and what your budget can afford. Your choice is between cheaper softwood materials such as pine and spruce, or more expensive hardwood options such as oak and elm. Alternatively you could opt for a wood effect composite (or totally different effect) material. We would recommend reading through these different materials found further up this page to familiarise yourself with them before making a decision. We would be more than happy to discuss the decking material options with you in more detail during a site visit if required.


What size should my decking area be?

The size of your decking area comes down to how much space you have available in the garden or particular outdoor space and what you intend to use the decking area for. We are able to construct decking areas in all shapes and sizes, either at ground level or elevated and with additional features that may be requested. All decking areas will be built with the same high-quality finish regardless of the size.

Do weeds grow through decking?


All decking that is professionally installed should be hand-built over a breathable membrane, regardless of the decking material. This membrane will act as a protective block to prevent any unwanted weeds from sprouting up in between the decking boards.


Is decking always very slippery when wet?

Standard decking is usually only slippery when wet if it hasn't been well maintained or kept clean. There are still ways to add extra peace of mind with many options available to create a decked area that is extra resistant to becoming slippery and dangerous when wet, such as choosing anti-slip decking materials or anti-slip inserts that can be worked into decking materials. These are incredibly effective and are often used around swimming pools and hot tubs, or to simply make the entire decked surface as safe as can be to walk on when wet.

Do I need planning permission to get decking?

In the vast majority of cases no, you probably won't need to obtain planning permission to get decking. The only times you may need to seek advice from the planning department of your local council is when the decking covers over 50% of your garden or when the decking is to be elevated more than 30cm off the ground. In these instances you may be required to obtain planning permission, approval from the building regulations or both.


How long does garden decking last?

Depending on the decking material that is used, we would expect most decking that has been professionally installed and correctly maintained to last upwards of 25 years. In certain cases with some hardwood and composite materials, we would expect them to perhaps last even 50 years or more.

Can decking be installed in a garden that slopes?

Yes, in fact decking is a fantastic solution for creating a level surface that you can enjoy using even if your garden slopes. This is because decking can be custom built to suit your exact requirements, meaning your decked area can be installed to suit your unique outdoor space and serve you exactly as you want it. If this means customising the build to accomodate a garden slope but still result in a flat decked surface, that is not an issue.

Why are there gaps between decking boards?

The gaps that are created between decking boards when installed account for future swelling or expansion that can take place during natural condition change. The gaps also allow for water runoff and prevents the build up of dirt and other debris that could accumulate between the boards.

Do you only design and install decking in Cardiff?

We offer all of our services including garden or balcony decking design and installation to all properties across Cardiff and surrounding areas of South Wales.


Do you have the relevant accreditation?

Yes, RGB Construction are members of the Federation of Master Builders (FMB).

Will my decking come with a guarantee?

Yes, all of our decking installations come with a guarantee upon completion.

What wood should I use for my decking?
What size should my decking area be?
Is decking always very slippery when wet?
Do I need planning permission to get decking?
How long does garden decking last?
Do you only design and install decking in Cardiff?
Do you have the relevant accreditation?
Will my decking come with a guarantee?
Do weeds grow through decking?
Can decking be installed in a garden that slopes?
Why are there gaps between decking boards?

As well as designing and installing beautiful garden patios, we also write about all things building and construction.

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